Selling Houses Chicago in Lightning Speed

The secret to selling houses fast is to offer a great product at the right price and to know where your buyers will come from before you purchase the property. This applies to wholesale properties as well as retail properties.

Finding Wholesale Buyers

When wholesaling, you need to start with the end in mind. Before you ever start looking for wholesale houses to sell, you need to know where your buyers will come from and how much they can afford to pay.

If you try to find the house first then try to figure out how to sell it, you could be in for lot of frustration and disappointment.

To find wholesale buyers look in the classified ads for the “we buy houses” type ads. You can also find plenty of buyers for your wholesale deals at investment club meetings and foreclosure auctions. Find out where they like to buy and if they have their financing lined up.

Keep a notebook with all your wholesale buyers contact information along with what areas they want to buy in. Then, when you get a hot deal in that area, you will have a complete list of buyers you can call about the deal.

Some local investment clubs also have a website where you can advertise your wholesale deals. All these online sites will help to build your buyer’s list. Another advantage of using online advertising is that it helps you reach out of town buyers who may have 1031 exchange money to invest.

Use signs at the property and several directional signs around the neighborhood to attract attention about your properties for sale. Drive by traffic will add to your buyer’s list.

When you have a wholesale property to sell, take massive action by utilizing all these methods to get as much attention for your property as possible. The result – you’ll sell fast and for top dollar.

Retail Sales at the Speed of Sound

How many houses are on the market today in your town?

What ever the number is, that’s a lot of competition. You must think about what you can do to make the houses you are selling stand out from the crowd! To start with, you need to do a first class rehab. Buyer’s need to say, “WOW!” the minute they drive up to your house. That’s the only way you’ll get them inside. If you house looks ho-hum, they will keep on driving. more to know¬†we buy houses Chicago

If necessary give the outside a fresh coat of paint. Make the landscaping look neat and clean. Buy a welcome mat for the front door. A red door attracts attention. It’s the little things that will make a difference.

That WOW factor needs to continue inside. Even if it is just one wall that’s painted a different color or a fancy light fixture in the foyer – do something to make potential buyers say, “WOW”!. The house needs to be extra clean. Pay particular attention to the kitchen and bathrooms.

There should not be a single thing that you apologize for. If something needs to be fixed – then fix it. Deliver a quality product to sell quickly.